Norwegian Hairstyles - From Traditional to Present!

Boy oh boy, it's hard to find "Norwegian Hairstyles" online! Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Anyway, I found a bit anyway! (and also realized that the traditional costume, the Bunad, has a head covering, so maybe that's why there isn't much for "traditional hairstyles"!) 

(too cute!)

Well, maybe that, but also maybe they just like their hair down! :)

But, like I said I found a couple -

So of course I tried them on Q as well! :D  Doesn't her hair look funny being so straight?! Her dad even commented on it this morning!  (Technical note: As her braids dried, they curled! LOL Not just the ends, mind you, but the whole braid!)

Ponytails, like the dancer on the left in the first picture!

And braids like the little girl on stilts!

(yeah, I wasn't being too concerned with getting the part straight.)

Resources!! ... (if you can't read Norwegian, use Google Translate! lol)

BUNAD (Magazine, I think)
and their FACEBOOK page.

My Little Norway  (you won't need google translate for this one)

 Bye-Bye Norway! Thanks for the memories!
Yep, that's me up there :D


  1. So cute! I seriously can NOT wait until my daughter has enough hair for me to do stuff like this! :D

  2. I grew up in a town settled by Norwegians and my whole father's side is Norwegian. I'm only 3rd generation in America. Anywho I have a pics from when I was a lil girl with traditional styles. I'll scan them in and send them to you this weekend. I even have some pics of me dressed in traditional Norwegian clothes. Our town always celebrated Syttende Mai. Syttende Mai commemorates the anniversary date of the Constitution of Norway adopted in 1814.

    Now back to getting ready for the birthday this weekend. Love how your blog is my lil break during all the days activities. :)

  3. @ Maranda - Thanks! Yeah, it is fun, all the different ages and stages have their own unique appeal! I kinda miss the shorter stage some days - but the longer one is so fun, too! (and we're not even really "long" yet!)

    @ Mo - I would LOVE the pics!!! I'm not sure if you saw the post awhile back, but I had just realized all the different places people were viewing the blog from (I hadn't really thought about it before) and so I want to do a little "hair salute" to each one! This is perfect! Thank you! (Norway was first because I was just there ;) )

    Aww, thanks! I love your comments - glad we can be a welcome break for you :)

    Have a great birthday weekend!!


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