High Ponytails for Toddlers that don't have enough Hair!

I thought this style turned out just adorable! :D So I had to share. These are Q's very first high ponytails as a toddler. She has worn many many lower pigtails, but after I put these in I realized they were somehow different than usual. ...What do you think??

(I just love that face! lol)

... but there's a secret surprise in back! Q's hair is still too short to put it all up into high ponytails like this and get the hair in back to stay up. So we did some flat twists in back!

I didn't take pictures of how to do flat twists - so let me know if you want visuals!

I'll try to explain it with just words :) 
1. Take up a section of hair where you want the twist to start.
2. Divide that section into 2 parts.
3. Twist them around each other! (no need to twist each individually first like some of the twists I do)
4. Then add more hair to one strand
5. Twist
6. Add hair to the other strand
7. Twist
8. Add hair
9. Twist
10. etc!

As you can see in this picture, I am better at twisting counterclockwise than I am clockwise! I need practice...)
I thought we were done, but then I added some korker bows!

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  1. what a great idea and it turned out so cute.

  2. The twist in the back is a great idea. I'm going to try this on my youngest. Thanks.

  3. Thank you you two! I loved it too! She actually wore it for two days :)

    You're welcome, Bri!


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