Baby Hairstyle Ideas ~ How to Style Toddler Curly Hair

What do the same styles look like on 2 different babies? You're about to find out!

I am just so excited to share this post with you. A bunch of awesome hair bloggers have gotten together and coordinated another Hair Carnival! Just for YOU!  This is a copy cat carnival... and my blog to copy was unknown to me, I am slightly embarrassed to admit I'd never had the pleasure of seeing her work before! But it was super fun!! Let me introduce .... Monkey Dos!!

And the more I looked at her site, the more I thought - wow. This is the exact sort of blog I set out to create at the very beginning! How cool that I'm not the only one anymore! (Yes, it's been a few years since CHI first got it's start! Q doesn't have the cute short baby hair that she did back then either.)

So the "guidelines" of this carnival were to copy a style from the blog we were assigned (all surprises!) .... well, we have so much in common I decided to link our similar styles so you can see variations on toddler hairstyles, as well as how each curly toddler hair style works on slightly different hair types.


Toddler Hairstyle #1:

(similar to Knotty Hair Headband, just turned and going straight back instead of across from ear to ear. Technique is all the same!)

Toddler Hairstyle #2:

(again, same thing, just rotated in a different orientation on their heads! hehe)

Toddler Hairstyle #3:

Toddler Hairstyle #4:

(same as above, without the pull through's, and with a ribbon!)

and then with the pull throughs - plus some pizazz ~

Toddler Hairstyle #5:

Toddler Hairstyle #6:

(You'll laugh at the irony when you read the Monkey Do's blog post and then look at the follow photo!)

Toddler Hairstyle #7:

and the simpler version:

Toddler Hairstyle #8:

and finally... Toddler Hairstyle #9:

(No "how to" blog post for this style yet - let me know if you want it! Be sure to follow the link to our facebook wall as well! and more ideas for baby and toddler hairstyles!)

Thank you so much for playing along with me today! Hopefully this post helps show how different some of the same basic ideas can look. So much room for variety! I love it!!

Be sure to visit the rest of the Amazing hair blogs below!!


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