What hair styles are quick and easy to do, and stay in place all day long?

In answer to this question, asked by my friend Olivia from Write About Birth,  I have compiled a few of my favorites :)

Also be sure to check out anything with the label "I just need it out of her eyes" and "quick and easy" - there you'll find lots of hairstyles for those 'everyday' sort of days whether you have short hair, curly hair, straight hair or long hair - most of them can be adapted! Enjoy!

(click on the pictures below to be taken to the "How To" post for each one!)


  1. You are awesome! I see you have been busy while I was struggling with my broken laptop and my iMac from the year zero :). I LOVE the pigtail mohawk, and think DD will too. Recently she has been asking for "BIIIIIIIIG hair!" all the time, so I guess that will be a hit. The clip twist is also nice!

    Thanks for that!


  2. This isn't the fanciest hair style, but I do a lot of two little pigtails on top, with the rest down on my [biracial] daughter.

  3. Glad you liked them! :D "big hair", you say? I'll have to do some brainstorming for you two :) "quick, easy, sturdy, and BIG!" sounds like fun!


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