Valentine's Inspired Hairstyles ~ Hair Carnival!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope your day is filled with life and love - whether that be romantic love or friendship love or charity love or just showing love to a stranger as you drive past in your busy day. Spread the love today!

Here is a fun collection of Valentine's Day Hairstyles that I wanted to share with you! So far today Q and I are playing with a friend of hers and being SUPER lazy, I haven't even gotten dressed yet! Unless you count the dress up clothes Q has been adorning me with.... Gotta love the imagination of a 3 year old!

This is still my favorite heart hairstyle that we've done for Valentine's inspired hairstyles! ...

and for more fun styles that my awesome readers shared with Curly Hairdo Ideas last year - Visit this post Your Valentine Inspirations!

Also make sure you visit the very awesome blogs participating in the carnival below....


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