Off Center Toddler "French Knot" Braid

Here's a pretty simple (and quick!) braid-looking hairstyle for babies and toddlers, well, even us grown-ups, if we want! :)

I don't have step by step pics for this one, but it's the same process as in French Knots and a French Knot Headband!

Only, as you can see I used all the hair on the top of her head and braided off to the side..... 
(to do this take larger pieces from one side than the other when you add new hair)

and lastly, a picture of the curls - just because! :D

Also, I finished this style off with just one claw clip instead of a hair elastic or barrette. Sometimes using elastics too much (and too tightly!) can be damaging to the hair so it's nice to give those precious strands a rest. Using a claw clip can do that! (Different pressure, not so tight, etc.) One downfall to that is that Q doesn't always leave them in! But each child is different... ;)


  1. i cant see the pictures:(

  2. oh no! Thank you for letting me know - I'll see what I can do to fix that!!


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