Securing Hairbows like Babes in Hairland!

If you haven't seen the hair blog Babes in Hairland - you're totally missing out! Get on over there! If you have been there, you may have seen her video about how to use a small elastic to keep hairbows in place.

If not, you may have seen the Curly Hairdo Ideas version I posted a little while back. How to Keep Hairbows in Place All Day.

Well I had a little extra time on my hands - so I decided to make a video of the Babes in Hairland version, too. :)  But I didn't have anyone to hold the camera for me, so it's the ONE HANDED version! LOL  and you can hear Q's movie playing in the background... :-)  Just one of my methods of Keeping Baby Busy.


Happy American Thanksgiving!!  and don't forget to enter the Satin Lined Hat giveaway!


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