How to Keep a Hairbow in Place All Day

I mentioned this tip in a recent post, and someone helped me relocate where I first learned it! Thank you!!  Here's the link to Tuesday Tip at Babes in Hairland. I guess she originally got the idea from Happy Heads Bows.  It's an awesome tip, so I thought I'd have some fun and play with one of Q's dolls since Q is in bed asleep for the night ...  (p.s. Babes in Hairland also has a great video tutorial)

Weeeee! Welcome to the first Curly Hairdo Ideas YOUTUBE video! Let me know what you think!


sweetdonut said...

cute vid! i like it. thanks for the idea!

Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

Aw thanks! I need more practice making videos :) lol and I need to speak up! (but I didn't want to wake Q...)

I was thrilled when I found this trick, too, it works so well! Enjoy!

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