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Okay, so I'm not the official "introducer" - I doubt that's a word, either. But I can be the one to introduce YOU to Cara B, possibly! :p K, that was just too much fun to say. "Cara B ... possibly!"

mineral oil-free
no artificial colors or fragrances

As you know I've been into researching products lately.... (as you can see proof of in my post about what to look for in a shampoo, as well as previous reviews I've done for Original Sprout, Tate's products and my in depth dive into Suave.)

and this one crossed my path and caught my eye. I contacted Cara B about reviewing their product and then kinda forgot about it ... until, low-and-behold ... LOOK what I got in the mail!!!

Isn't that just beautiful?!!  With packaging like that (attention to detail!) I could NOT WAIT to try out the actual products. Imagine the care that went into the formula of the actual product itself if they've put this much care and attention into the packaging!?!

Like I said, I couldn't wait, so at 2:00 in the morning, I hopped in the shower and decided to try my first ever co-wash. (Since I was still on my "never-again-will-I-bother-with shampoo" kick.)

I LOVED it! (please, no comments on my weird haircut - I don't know what I/the stylist was thinking!) and, ohmygoodness these products smell AMAZING!!  So much so, that I started using Cara B body lotion allllll the time (I never used lotion much before) and my hands feel so soft and they smell SO good! :D I'll admit - I kinda use it as a perfume. :)

I've let Q use the conditioner the most, tho my hubby and I love it, too, and sadly enough, we're finally running out. :( It's lasted quite awhile! Especially when you consider we're mostly co-washers around here. I think the 8 oz bottle lasted us about a month.  It works great as a leave in, wash out, co-washer, and used with shampoo! I've even used it after washing with baking soda :) This stuff is fabulous.

I love how the Shampoo/Body Wash feels on my skin! It makes me feel all clean and silky - not clean and squeeky. Ya know the difference? Some soaps make you feel like the moisture from your skin was just stolen from you - not Cara B!  In fact, I noticed such a nice clean (yet not stripped) feeling that I decided to go back on my new resolution and try it in my hair. ...... I love it! I doubt I'll go back to shampoo full time, but if I do - this will be my go-to shampoo. There just isn't any point waffling around with another brand. This is the one! It doesn't strip your hair - it cleans without stealing the natural oils that should be in your hair.  (Like I said we don't use shampoo all that often, but after a month we still have half a bottle left! and that's using it as hand soap occasionally as well - a little goes a LONG way.)  Did I mention the shampoo works great for getting pre-'poo oils out of your hair too? It does!!  (HERE's another post on that if you're not familiar with the idea.)

I have also just ran out of their bar soap :( so sad!

Oh, and the Hair Mist is totally perfect for those days when I don't detangle Q's hair, but I can still spray some of this light moisturizer on her hair and not feel like I've neglected her precious strands! It's so light that in order to make her hair greasy with it I really have to go overboard. The bottle is lasting us forever, too, cuz you don't need a lot at a time! It also works great on multi-day braid styles as a daily spritz.


Now, as you can see - my review is a bit backwards... usually a person would tell you all about what the website claims about their product and THEN go into how much they liked/disliked it and which claims held true, etc.

Well, I was in love. Yes, it's true. Blind, infatuated love. I was intoxicated with the aroma, the beautiful packaging, the clear welcoming website, the fact that Cara B is "Natural Products Association Certified", ... just to name a few! (They have a lot of good things going for them, how can you blame me?!)

But somewhere along the line (I think as I was browsing that gorgeous label again in the shower) I noticed something on the ingredients label that made me realize I had been going about this all wrong.

So I started over.

To find out what I learned, read the Behind the Scenes report! 
Cara B Naturally ~ Shampoo/Body Wash and Leave In Conditioner and Bar Soap

From October 27, 2010 until November 15, 2010 Curly Hairdo Ideas readers can use Discount Code  CURLY20 to receive 20% off your orders from CARA B Naturally! Seriously, this is an amazing deal. Their prices are awesome the way it is and this just makes it better. Need any Christmas presents?!? Don't miss this!

Disclaimer - I was sent these Cara B Naturally products for review - after reviewing them and Loving them so much I asked Cara B if there was anything else I could offer my readers - they create this short term discount code for your benefit! Enjoy!


  1. I won a gift basket from Cara B & was reluctant to undo the pretty basket lol. I (also reluctantly) gave the products to my cousin because she has 3 children--2 with very sensitive skin. She LOVES the products. The 3yr old has to smell everything & she kept opening bottles "mmm smells good!". The bar soap worked well along with the lotion. The hair products are great too.

    I wish I had tried the hair products myself. I'm such a product junky & I have WAY too much stuff here.


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