It's time for a review! Have you heard of Strawllers? They are quite the rage right now...

Marc Wells, himself, actually contacted Curly Hairdo Ideas for the purpose of letting us review his product! How cool is that?!?

Q tried them, I tried them, and my sister (Daisy) tried them! --Daisy even ended up stealing a set to take to college with her, I guess that tells you right off the bat what she thought of them!--

First, let's talk a little bit about what Strawllers are.
* They are hair curlers.
* They are an eco friendly (and more versatile) way to get the "straw set" curly look.
* They are a natural alternative (especially for black hair) to completely natural hair.
* They provide well defined curls to those us who don't have well defined curls! :)

Here is a blog post from Strawllers about how women's caution over hair can be a hindrance even to the point of not exercising in order keep our hair looking nice! Now (Thanks to Strawllers, of course!) that doesn't have to be a concern!  Read on in the comments there for lots of interesting testimonials.

I guess we can't use our hair as an excuse anymore, can we?! :D

Second, let me add a few thoughts of my own on curling hair with curlers of any kind ...
* Not all hair curls equally.
* ...

Ok, so just one! :) But seriously, each head of hair will have a different reaction to curling and curlers - regardless of the curlers used.

* My hair has never held a curl for more than a day and a half. (and trust me, those two days, I have VERY different looks)
* Now Daisy's hair, on the other hand, loves curlers and will hold any curl much longer than mine!
* After only curling Q's hair a few times in her life I think we'll have to wait to get a final verdict on how her hair holds an artificial curl. :)

While we're still just talking, I might as well share Tyra Banks' talking too :) lol  Here's a youtube video of Strawllers on The Tyra Show! (and CurlyNikki! woo!) I don't agree with everything in this video, but it is fun to see how the strawllers worked for this lady.  (side note - she says she tried "everything" but I don't hear her saying a thing about no 'poo or conditioner only hair care!!)

OK! So let's get down to the fun stuff! (I'm actually wearing my strawllers right now as I type! But I'll do my review of the first time we tried them...)

My 18 year old sister had come over to my house and we set the kitchen up as "Hair Party Central!" The 3 of us girls, (Daisy, Q and myself) each picked a color of Strawllers to test. Each color is a different size. Based on our hair length, Mr. Wells had recommended that Q use the pink (3/8" in diameter),  I use the blue (5/8" in diameter) and my sister chose between the Beige (1 1/8") and Green (1 3/8").

Oh, yes, and my hubby was there, too :D

(Isn't he fearsome?!)

I started with Q - now keep in mind I did think I was a bit nuts to be putting curlers in a not-quite-2-year-old's hair! LOL But we did it anyway!
Instructions on How to use Strawllers Curlers from the official website.

As you can see, they didn't go in very well at first - confirmation of the previously mentioned "Crazy" perhaps? :)  ... But then I got the idea to use claw clips to hold them instead of the bobby pins like Strawllers suggests! LOVE that! They worked like a charm. Not to mention we were using curlers that were WAY too long for Q's hair length. We were using the 8"... the 5" would have been perfect. (Although I would get the longer ones again because I'm sure Q will be growing her hair for awhile and this way we can use them no matter how long her hair gets!)

Before I figured out how to clip them in with claw clips, the curlers hung down in Q's face and would bump into things as she walked by - she wasn't a fan. But when I used a claw clip and wrapped the hair in the middle of the curler instead of at the end - she didn't even notice they were there!

I also found that by angling the top front curlers back that they stayed out of her face and she didn't pull on them at all - Note, too, that strawllers make VERY fun toys :D

Strawllers did send us some shampoo, conditioner and mousse with the curlers, however after checking the ingredients against the and other research I have done in the past - I wasn't comfortable using any of these products on Q.

Are you ready for the outcome??!

Isn't that just ADORABLE!?!?! After seeing this, I didn't think I was so crazy anymore - Strawllers make for some cute hair! I should also say, that the more we've used them, the better I'm getting at putting them in, and the better the curls look when they come out! As always a little fluffing of the curls afterwards (or separating) helps make them look more natural and less "just out of curlers".

I also loved them because Q's hair doesn't have much curl up front, and the pink Strawllers were almost the exact same size as her natural curls underneath - so it was fun to be able to put a few curlers in on the top of her head and have a whole head full of curls! We didn't try putting in anymore at this point, just the top.

This post is getting insanely long, so be sure to read Strawllers ~ Part 2 for our review of Strawllers in my hair and Daisy's hair! :D ...


  1. Neat. They remind me of a tip of curler when I was a kid. It was like foam stick with a wire inside. You roll your hair twist the stick to not unroll then you get defined curls. The thing that sucks with strawllers is you can't sleep in them. The foam sticks you can and what I do still today is use some cloth cut into strips roll my hair around then tie the strip. I leave in over night and in the morning my curls are defined and not frizzy. I love how her hair turned out... so cute!

  2. what a cutie .. i like your blog i learned a lot =)

  3. That is truly adorable! I love the picture where Q is wearing the purple t-shirt. The curls also look great on you and your sister. Do you think these are any good for really straight hair? I've tried curlers and even a perm once, but nothing really lasts in my hair, so I have given up now!

    RIght - curly hairdo ideas is probably not the place to ask questions about straight hair :D. I love the idea to put holes in the curlers to make the hair dry faster, that is really clever!


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