Strawllers!!! Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Strawllers Review! If you missed Part 1, be sure to go back and check out what we did with the Strawllers in Q's curly hair! We also talked about what Strawllers are and linked to some more info - so be sure to check that out, too.

Daisy (my lil sis) tried the green strawllers - here's a picture of her slightly wavy hair before any curlers were added so you can see how long it is.

I also want to add that Daisy has recently gone off to college and she called the other day to let me know that she's started doing a few of the "curly hair" things I've been talking about lately - and her hair is getting wavier! (She's been doing No 'Poo Hair Care for quite some time already)

As you can see in the pictures, I started with her "bangs" area - then parted out some hair at the top and got it out of the way. Then I started curling at the the bottom and did about 3 layers.  This size/color of Strawllers worked very well in her length of hair. I wish I had used more curlers and less hair, though! That is a lesson we both learned! :D

I have to say these curlers were pretty easy to use on long hair! Ends that wanted to come out stayed in better if I got them wet (either with water or Bubblz Foam Wrap and Set Lotion) because they stick together better. Then I slicked them around the curler and wrapped the hair right over the top of the ends, making sure to cover all the trying-to-escapees!) As I rolled the rest of the hair I tried not to overlap but instead to let the hair spread out in an easy spiral up toward the other end of the curler.

Strawllers are designed with holes in them (my favorite feature!) so that they let the air in for quicker drying time. Great in theory, right?! But we found out that if you use a lot of hair and it's soaking wet, that even those little holes don't help enough! We must have left the curlers in for 3 hours and they were still slightly damp when we took them out.

In subsequent tries, we used less hair and the drying time was greatly reduced! :D (By "greatly" I mean "immensely!" or "exponentially!")

Then Daisy and Q got to work on my hair ... my recently layered hair, I must add. ...

Ta Da! She got them in, but it wasn't easy. Here's an excerpt from our afternoon...

ME: Do you hate the curlers yet?
DAISY: uuuummmmm
ME: Do you hate my haircut yet?

oops! Bad haircut for curlers of any kind! The ends just didn't want to stay put. I think this problem would have been reduced if we had used end papers, however.

Also, because my hair was so many different layers and lengths, when she'd get the top pinned, the bottom wanted to fall out. I've since done my own hair (hard to reach the back!) but on the stubborn curls, I use the trick I learned when using Strawllers in Q's hair - I clip a claw clip on the hair at the end where I need it to stay, then I wrap the hair and curler up and use a bobby pin at the top. (as per Strawllers instructions) Works Great!

The picture above was taken just before we took the Strawllers out :)

Oh, and I should mention that Daisy and I both used the Strawllers Bubblz Foam Wrap & Set Lotion (aka mousse) even though the ingredients do not pass my very strict "test". :)  I added about 3 - 6 full squirts to each layer of curlers and then a tad more on the ends when I felt like it :) Daisy used about 1/3rd of a squirt on each curl as she put it up.

Since then I have also used my Tate's Gel (Previous Tate's Review!) and I think they both worked equally well. My hair needs some kind of product to hold a curl in for more than about 10 minutes. Daisy's can go either way, but she'll get more days of styling out of the curl if she uses a product, and Q's didn't need anything to keep it curly all day! If I wanted hers to last longer than a day or two I might try using some Tate's gel in her hair before I wrap it up in the Strawllers.

Are you ready for this??? Can you contain your excitement any longer?!?! Are Strawllers really any good?!?! How DO the curls look?!?!

Don't Daisy's curls look AMAZING!?!? Go Strawllers!! :D I think they would look great separated a bit, too, but she was loving them so much as they were that she didn't want to touch them yet :)

My curls worked very well, too, but I seriously need a new haircut - what in the world?!?! LOL!

But my second day hair was pretty awesome :)

I am very excited to try these again when my hair grows out a bit and I get a better haircut :)

-- a note about mousse... in subsequent attempts, I slathered my hair with mousse or gel FIRST. All over. Then put in the curlers, letting the gel dry as I went. This seemed to work much better, it helped the hair not be so drenched in product when I wrapped it around the curler. Also, working with slightly dirty hair held the curl much better than freshly washed hair! --

So all in all, we really enjoyed our Strawllers!! The number one negative about them is that you can't sleep in them. Other than that, they are cute, have a relatively quick drying time (if you don't put your hair up soaking wet and DO use small amounts of hair per Strawller), and form very nice curls in all hair types!


  1. Now I'm curious what my hair would do, with it's formerly-curly-now-straightish-wavy-but-can-be-forced-to-curl state. :-) Those curlers are hella LONG, kinda wierd in that way, but I guess for long hair it's pretty much essential so the hair isn't wrapping over itself constantly and impeding drying.

  2. I love how the curls turned out.


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