Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October Hair Carnival

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It's Hair Carnival Time again! Guess what the topic was this time? BREAST CANCER AWARENESS! See below for all the other great posts in this series!   Soooo....

Breast Cancer?


~~ Ribbons. ~~

Bra color, candy bars, inches of who knows what.

There are some odd things that come to mind when I think of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Facebook has been materialistic in perpetuating some weird associations lately. and does it really help? What is Breast Cancer Awareness anyway?  I mean, are there really a lot of people who haven't heard of it?

I doubt it.

I think most people even know someone who has had a personal encounter with the beast of breast cancer.

So why do we do all this? I don't know. To show support? To let others know they're not alone? To remind ourselves to watch for the signs?

I guess so. So here's another weird association for you...... a Breast Cancer Awareness Hairstyle!! Yep, that's right, a group of (fabulous) women got together and created breast cancer awareness hairstyles! 

Because any reason is a good reason for a new hairstyle, right?!  How about a breast cancer awareness hair ribbon?

I attempted to braid the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon into Q's hair... (a previous how to hairstyle post shows the method I used for the criss cross section.)

and there's the breast cancer awareness hair ribbon! I would have added real ribbon in pink to accent the design - but I realized after I was done braiding that I didn't have any pink ribbon!  *sigh*

Then I did the rest of her hair in small braids all over her head! I love this kind of braiding with curly hair because it helps protect the hair strands and keeps her hair detangled. I ended the braids higher than normal this time so that more of her curly hair showed at the ends.

What do you think of our ideas for breast cancer awareness month?! Probably not something you see every day in October, is it? Go ahead, start a new trend! Breast cancer awareness hairstyles. I'm sure Facebook would be all a-buzz!!

Just quick before I go, I want to throw an idea out here that you may or may not have ever heard about!

Thermography - Breast thermography uses digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) to make diagnostic-quality images of the breasts’ radiant infrared energy for the detection of cancer.  Breast Thermography is non-invasive, uses no radiation, and can produce the earliest signs of detection - which is imperative to healthy recovery from breast cancer.

What is Breast Thermography? 

Thermal screenings can also detect many other potential bodily problems - for more information on that, and to hear a very pro-thermography stance, read Dr. Mercola's article on the topic!

And lastly - just because I've seen loved ones go through chemotherapy, and then met survivors who haven't, I just want to challenge you to get to know your options for treatment when (or before!) you're diagnosed with that terrible fate. Chemo and Radiation are NOT the only options.

With all the empathy and compassion in the world, I want to end this Breast Cancer Awareness post with a wish and prayer for all those who have been through the fire and flames of cancer, in any form. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones!!

Have a safe and happy Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH!


  1. Thanks for all of the additional info on other treatment options and for telling it like it is on the weird fb stuff :/ I haven't mastered the curvy cornrow yet so I'm studying your pix :) Great post, love Q's curlees :)

  2. Nice post! I really appreciate the added info! And I really like how you created the ribbon!!


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