Maddy Moo Creations! Review!

I found Maddy Moo Creations on Facebook of all places - what did we do before facebook, anyway?! (just kidding!!)  and I think it's VERY cool!  They make custom handbags - in all sorts of designs and styles and sizes!

I contacted Amy about her business and she sent the CUTEST little bag for Q!!

So I tried to take a picture of her loving on it....

Wait!? Where is it?!?!

Oh! There it is! and there's my nose....

and finally one because mom asked...

Isn't it neat?! And all Maddy Moo Creations Bags are customized to fit the desires of the customer! You make your own bag!  Here's the main website link.

What Amy Says:
We have over 30 bag "models" to choose from (Q received the Erika), so the customer picks a model, then the outside fabric & inside fabric. The pockets are always made with whatever is chosen for the outside material. Then the customer can take things a step further and customize a bag by changing the handle fabric, making the bottom 1/3 of the bag a different fabric, adding some accent pieces like a ribbon belt with a bow, or a buckle and/or adding a bow to the handle.

For cleaning, Maddy Moo recommends scotch guarding your bag and having it dry cleaned. I've had customers get good results using the Dryel sheets for the dryer and I've personally had some dry cleaned and they turn out just great.

The guarantee Maddy Moo offers covers manufacturing defects only. Wear and tear from everyday use are not covered. They will, however, do what they can, if they can, to repair a damaged bag, but there would be a fee for the customer.

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:
The construction of the handbag is excellent. At first I thought it was going to be flimsy or something because it's very light. But it isn't! It's very sturdy (and lightweight!). Q has hauled it all over the place, outside, in the car, to dance class, and it looks almost exactly the same as the day it came in the mail!

Amy is GREAT to work with. Her service is fast, and she is so sweet! I would order from her before even looking for someone in my area! (Although I'm 99% sure there aren't any dealers here.)

The cost of the Maddy Moo bags made me hesitate at first - I'll be honest! But truly I believe it's worth the cost! I mean, for one, they're CUSTOM! and for two, Q uses it for everything. It fits her stuffed animals perfectly for going on short trips in the car, too! and smaller toys, it holds a bunch! I am also so pleased with how well the bag is holding up to a toddler's antics - that alone proves the cost is worth it.

As I've said a million times, the usefulness and diversity of even this one bag is incredible. I can't begin to imagine the multi-tasking abilities of Maddy Moo's other bags! (and adult sizes!)  I'm totally thinking hair storage now! Or a bag to grab as I run out the door on a trip, that just already has all the hair things we'll need pre-packed? and Cute, too?!!

and did I mention they have checkbook covers and burb cloths, too!? Not just bags!

I just have to end this review with a GREAT BIG Thank You to Amy!!
Make sure you check out her Maddy Moo Page!!


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