How to Keep Hair Stuff Organized when Traveling?

We are a busy family. Who isn't?! and we like to go out of town a lot, too.

I'm also not generally an organized person. (Just ask my mom!!)

More than once I've been in a rush to pack for a day trip or an overnight and frantically panicked that I didn't know what hair supplies to bring! :) Sound familiar?

Well, never fear! I have found a solution!!  A quick, easy way to make sure you are always ready to go and never fear that hair packing will take longer than packing your shoes. :)

Ta Da! Yep, your grandma's pill sorter! I know, goofy. But it works, and it's small!

The big one in the picture is our main organizer for beads, elastics, clips and such. It doesn't travel, much. :)  It's a regular old bead storage box. (It works and it's cheap, but one downfall is that when it's open... it's ALL open! and when I bumped it off the bed today and beads and elastics went alllll over the floor... I was less than impressed!)

The small one is our travel system. I LOVE that each compartment opens independently from the rest!

How to keep your hair accessories organized when traveling? and How to Pack FAST? --Just prepare a travel size 7 day pill box in advance! I never use the things in the travel container when we're at home - that way I know that when it's time to jump in the car I can just grab the small 7 day pill sorter and go! :)  I do refill and check it when we get home just in case I've lost anything while we were out.

What do I keep in our Travel Hair Kit?
* orthodontic elastics (soft and small and great for hair!)
* soft ponytail holders in a few different sizes
* 2-4 snap clips
* 4 small shiny white bows that will match almost any "nice" dress (weekend wedding trips? Going to church while you're gone? etc!)
* 2-4 tiny claw clips in colors that she wears often (so that hopefully they'll match!)

and lastly... randomly...
* earplugs! LOL .. I know, I know, but the reason those are still in there is because we fly occasionally and airplanes are SO loud on little ears (especially the small ones we have to take around here). But I used to always lose the earplugs... until I put them in the hair kit!

Obviously this doesn't include any conditioner or leave ins that we might want along on trips - but those haven't ever been as daunting to me, I guess! Water bottle, wood comb, shea butter and a conditioner should about do it! :)

The extra nice thing about this system is that if I know Q will be wearing a certain outfit that I know I'll want certain accessories along for - I can grab them and add to my "base stash". I don't have to recreate the mainstays each and every time. It makes adding a few specialized items seem easier! :) lol

I hope that helps! and if not, just picture me bumping ~ever so slightly~ the edge of the big storage box and recreate in your mind the image of beads, elastics, snap clips, claw clips, ribbons, and bobby pins flying (in slow motion of course because that's much more dramatic!) ALL over the floor!   ... and then at least you'll have gotten a chuckle out of this post if nothing else! :D


  1. Thanks for the idea! They do make bigger pill holders that may help for at home. as an example.

  2. Very good idea! Thanks for the link. :) Seems obvious now, huh?


    I am going on vacation and your post could not be more timely! Thanks for all the great tips.


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