Big Hair is Beautiful!

I love my daughter's hair in all it's varieties! Q's hair amazes me sometimes :)  For today's style, you need NON-detangled hair, and leave it dry for styling! (Not my norm, I know, but "variety is the spice of life", after all, right?!) And anyway, how could I mess with perfection?

This is how she woke up that morning - read on to see what we did with it!

Another 5 Strand Braid! :)

I wanted something funky and kitty-wompus, something not perfect and smooth - because her hair wasn't smooth! (it's always perfect though) 

So I started with a side ponytail of just the hair on top of her head (bangs plus some) yeah, I know it's straight! Who says one head can't have many hair types? :)

As you can see, we added a ribbon by looping it through the elastic band holding her hair. (I like using orthodontic elastics because they are softer and smaller than what I have found in the store. If you soak them in some coconut oil first that makes the material even softer and kinder on the hair!)

Tie the ribbon around the ponytail and get ready to braid! Notice I used two ribbons, so there are actually 2 strands hanging down on each side of the ponytail.

Start braiding! If you need instructions on how to do a 5 Strand Braid - Princess Hairstyles is where I learned! I wanted something spunky and wacky - so I messed with the braiding technique a bit.

Action shot! ...

Notice that not all the strands are the same size. Yeah, I did that on purpose. :) (remember I was trying for "funky") I also used the ribbons as two of the five strands so that the color would pop better and not get lost in the braiding. But then, ribbon is always cute, no matter how it's used!

This is where the 4 ribbons really shines - in that bow at the end! :D  That braid is certainly not symmetrical!

If you want a "neater" look with a ribbon, use a wider one! Check out this video, while you're at it. :)

Then I spritzed her hair with our new favorite hair moisturizer (review coming soon!) to make sure her curly strands didn't get too stressed throughout the day - and oh my goodness did she smell good after that!

 Isn't big hair beautiful??!


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