Do you have Flyaway Issues?

This question was asked on our Cornrow Post... I had mentioned that I left Q's braids in her hair for 4 days.

In answer to the question about flyaways - 

YES! :) Of course we do. But they don't bother me much. Hair that is left in a style for awhile will get a bit frizzy and flyaway-ish. But when it gets too bad, that's when I take the style out! (Hence why I only leave them for 4 days? That and I don't want to cause any hair breakage.)

Also, on the note of hair breakage, if you've added beads or snaps to the ends of the hair, that can weigh it down and fold it over and just generally cause more stress to the hair - the most stress-free hair is the unadorned hair! :D Which is cute, too, don't worry!

Now, if flyaways really bother you... and you want them GONE! What can you do?

* Braid smaller. Not necessarily tighter! (Remember braiding is a great time to let hair rest and take a break, if it's braided too tight, that will cause damage to the scalp - we don't want that!)
* Use gel or pomade. Or Shea butter! Something to help smooth down the hair as you braid it. Also something with some hold (like a gel) will help it last longer. I like Truly Pure and Natural's Tate's Gel. :)

Remember, when buying a product ALWAYS check the ingredient list!! and reference the for information on the toxicity levels of the ingredients used in your hair care products.

p.s. The hairstyle that this question was asked about ... the first Cornrows we'd actually ever done on Q's hair! ... didn't actually get very fizzy. We've had more frizz issues with her Big Cornrows and some of the Box Braids (that don't get as small). The first cornrows were nice and narrow, so not as much frizz!


  1. I've been experimenting with gels lately and yes, they do help prevent flyaways! The two I have been using are "Curly Girl" approved, but I should probably check out what the cosmetic database says about them ;)


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