My First Attempt at a 5 Strand Braid!

This really isn't as hard as it looks!

I'm still just learning this braid/weave but I learned how to do it from Princess Hairstyles! Go HERE for the instructions!

Have fun!
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  1. It turned out great! And wow, her hair is really starting to get long. Very cute!

  2. oh Thank you! (and thanks for stopping by!) Yeah I had fun with this one! It looks so much harder than it really was :)

    I know! Her hair has grown so fast lately!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! I love it. I want to try it too

  4. very cute! I'm in love with the 5 strand braid these days... I do it in my Kenz's hair alot!

  5. I didn't know there was anything other than a regular three strand. Anyway, that is fabulous and pretty! I wish that my daughter's hair is long enough to try that braid.

  6. I've been using it a lot, too :) Something different and fun!

    Don't worry, hair grows! It'll be long enough before you know it and you'll be looking back wondering where the time went. :) Isn't that what "they" always say?!


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