Baby Hair Accessories!

In emailing with a friend/reader of the blog (Hi!!) about baby hairstyles and options, I came across some super cute websites that might help us spice up our Baby's selection when it comes to hair accessories!

First we were talking about styles (see my my two previous posts on Baby Hairstyles and Simple Styles) and what it really comes down to is - at some point, you're just out of hair on these little heads!! There are still lots of styles and different options, but often we become stumped. And often it's purely due to a lack of more hair! :)

One thing we can do though (depending on your personal preferences of course!) is to vary the accessories! We can add clips and bows and flowers and hats and headbands... and the list goes on .... !!! (Just be careful not to leave headbands and hats on too long, and to make sure they aren't too tight. Babies don't have the vocabulary to tell us if/when they are uncomfortable or starting to get a headache!)

I highly recommend saving your money on "cheap" poor quality clips. Q and I don't have much available off line around us, so we succumbed and I bought her some cute little clips from Walmart. Some of them broke before they even got to her head! And the rest broke on the first use. I'm sure not all of their stuff is like that, but it didn't give me any reason to waste my money on their baby hair clips again! (The alligator clips didn't break, but they have ribbon all around the clip, so they snag and pull a lot. :( )

So, I decided to see what I could find online! Here's a start:

Disclaimer - I have NOT tried any of these products, I have never spoken to any of the businesses, and I'm not trying to get you to buy anything!! But I also know that finding these things can be hard, so I did a "SwagBucks" search and found all this on the first page! Maybe it will be helpful to someone! Let me know what you think of the products if you end up trying any!

However ... if you DO want to buy something that I have an invested interest in (hehe!), I have set up an amazon store through this blog, so if you were to buy anything from that - Q would get a commission (well, I suppose I would! lol - but then I just give it to her anyway :)  ) It's still pretty new and under construction, so please just know that! Also, if you have any recommendations of other things you'd like to see available through it, let me know!!

(No purchase necessary...!)

What kinds of products, styles and accessories do you like using on your babies hair??

Edited to add these Etsy stores:

Lovely LuLu Hair Bows

Beautiful Bow Baby

Edited to add these sites known for cute accessories:



Curly is Cuter

don't forget Claires, Walmart, Target, and The Children's Place, too. :)


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