Natural Hair Care during the Winter #haircarnival #naturalhair

How does your natural hair care routine change when the weather gets colder? I usually forget what I did the last time the season was here by the time it comes around again!

I guess that works. It's like a brand new adventure every time I readjust to the weather changes and my daughter's naturally curly hair!

But there are some tried and true things to I don't forget as the cold weather makes us don our heavy winter gear.

Protective Hairstyles ROCK. You can goop up on the moisturizing products, seal all that good stuff in with a good hair butter or oil and not have to worry about making her hair look wet or oily! Gotta love that! Especially on very light, fine, naturally curly hair.

 Of course, if you're outside in the winter, you could say it doesn't really matter what you do with your hairstyle because this is what you will look like! .....

Translation: Either windbown or all covered up!  Just make sure if your poor head is going bare - don't skimp on the moisture before and after! Conditioner is your best friend. and pre-poos. and deep conditioning! I love winter hair care!!

Going out with a hat on is of course a must for our little loves, however, so ... here's a tip for wearing hats in the winter .....

Invest the time or energy or money to get one lined with Satin! A satin lined winter hat is a lifesaver for curly hair! A satin lined hat will protect your child's hair while she's in her carseat AND at the park! (Or ski hill as the case may be.)  This one was gifted to Q from her auntie last year! check out if you're not up to the task of making your own satin lined winter hat. Her stuff is just adorable! You can read my thoughts about Satin for curly hair  here.  oh! and this one about why Satin is good for curly hair.

I've also done some reading on humecetants and winter hair, etc, but obviously I need to read more and figure out the mystery! Right now I don't even think I'm spelling it right! HAHA!! Good luck googling that one!

Link up your Winter Hair Care posts below and join our Natural Hair Carnival! Just make sure if you add your link - that you take the whole linky with you and add it to your own blog post! Fair's Fair, after all! email me or catch me on fb if you have questions!


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