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If you aren't sure why I think this giveaway is so cool - read on!

The Truth about Satin was a blog post I wrote when I had decided that it wasn't worth bringing Q's satin pillowcase and carseat cover with us on a 2 week vacation - Feel free to read my thoughts when the two weeks was up! :-D  If only I had taken pictures. But to be honest - I was a little embarrassed! and didn't want to have to remember how poorly her hair had been taken care of that two weeks. Obviously it wasn't all the lack of Satin, but it played a larger role than I ever realized it would! (But I'll stop babbling and let you read the post yourself!)

But enough from me - you've heard what I think! What do others think??

Maintaining your curls overnight for second-day hair is pretty easy to do if you use a satin or silk pillow case. Cotton pillow cases cause friction with your hair and you wake up with a super frizzy hairdo. Unlike cotton pillows, satin pillow cases allow your curls to slide easily over the surface without catching and mussing up the hair cuticles. You wake up with hair that is still in pretty good shape to make a few adjustments and have second-day hair.    ~ source
Protect your hair at night. Common cotton pillowcases can dry out hair and lead to long-term damage and frizz. Fragile long curly hair has more of a chance to grow longer if you sleep on a satin pillowcase. On days you must sleep on a cotton pillowcase, cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf. You will also find that the curls remain defined and soft when you protect your hair at night.  ~ source

If you want your hair to look and stay healthy, you need to be sleeping on a satin pillowcase. I had heard a lot about them from a few friends and from my stylist. She told me that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes friction leaving you with split ends and frizzes. Cotton is also naturally absorbent so it pulls the moisture from your hair and skin. With curly hair being dry to begin with, you don't want to use anything that will make the situation worse. The combination of dried out hair along with weakened ends causes your hair to split, frizz and break.  ~ source  (This whole article just makes me want to cry!!!! I hope and pray that I can be a useful tool in helping to eliminate stories like the main article on this page.)
Obviously the quotes were all about satin at nighttime - but kids end up wearing hats a lot in winter (playing outside? going here and there? recess? etc!) and wool or cotton or fleece fabrics just aren't as good for our hair moisture levels (and frizz degree) as satin or silk!

Did you know that there are even MORE Benefits to using a Satin pillowcase, other than just for hair? Read on!

Here's a question (and lots of personal answers in the comments) about keeping curly hair from getting dehydrated in the winter from (amazing hair blog - you MUST check it out)

And why Curly Zebra, you ask? Because they're the only online store that sells them!! They are the first and the last, the one and the only. They have noticed a need and are providing for us! Short of using a satin bonnet or scarf under a hat, or taping satin to the inside of a hat you already own - Curly Zebra is the ONLY place to buy fashionable, warm, satin lined winter hats for adults and children!

Here are two interviews you might find interesting... I know I did! :-)

Excerpt taken from Newly Natural blog:

What prompted you to start making these wonderful hats for children?
We live in Minnesota, so hats are not an optional accessory for children in daycare or school settings since they go outside to play almost every day. With my daughters wearing hats several times a day, there hair would get so dried out and frizzy. I started thinking that my daughters sleep on satin pillowcases to not dry out their hair, so maybe a satin lined hat wouldn’t dry out their hair.
I looked every where to try to purchase one, but I could not find anything for them anywhere. I then asked my Mom to help me design and sew a hat for my girls with a satin lining. As soon as my girls started wearing them, I was amazed at the change in the condition of their hair. It was no longer dry and frizzy. My husband even noticed how much better the condition of their hair was.
                 (be sure to visit Newly Natural to read the rest of the interview with Curly Zebra)

and visit to read the article: Entrepreneurial sisters make hats that don't crush curls 

So, are you convinced yet? Ready to try some Satin to protect your curly hair?? :-) Do I have a solution for you!... 

Buy one:  Visit and place an order! (easy enough, right?!)

WIN one:  Visit Satin Lined Hats ~ The Perfect Giveaway for Winter and leave a comment! Contest will close at midnight tonight, so get your entries in now! More details on the contest page.  (believe me, nothing's easier than winning something for FREE!!)


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