Curly Hair Picture Book - First draft image Reveal!!!!

My dream is becoming a reality!! My prayer and fervent hope is that this dream, the short little picture book of curly haired positivity, brings joy and love to Many more people than just me.

So do you want to see our first draft image?!??! Just a draft. Just a draft.

I'd LOVE your thoughts tho!! In fact, your opinion is super important to me and so I've created a facebook group for anyone who would like to help me edit, throw out ideas, input and suggestions! If that sounds like something that interests you - I'd love to have you! Come to facebook and search for KK's Mastermind.

Or like my page Curly Hairdo Ideas, post a comment to get my attention, and I'll send you a personal invitation. 👑

So?!?! Let's hear it! Comment below and I'll see you soon on facebook!

Curly Hair Picture Book for Kids.
 Poetry book for kids. 
Children's picture book about how curly hair rocks!
Curly Hair Advocacy


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