Friday Feature ~ Cessalye

I'm just thrilled to share another Featured Follower with you all today! 
It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Cessalye, a 4 year old boutique model!

What is your favorite short hair style? 
natural, with bangs clipped to side
How do you keep her still while you style her hair? 
We play "beauty shop"
Do you use (or will you encourage/discourage the use of) heat and/or chemicals on your child's hair?
NEVER..I have a story behind this. Cessalye's hair was very curly at age 2. But at almost 3 it started breaking off BAD. and thinning. I took her to several drs and they ran tons of tests and bloodwork. Nothing came back. They attributed it to the little tiny rubberbands I had used and a high fever she had 3 mo prior. It was very thin and balding before it started coming back in. And when it did, It grew in straight. I was shocked. But over the last 6 mo her hair has regained its tight curls at the scalp. It looked crazy with ringlets underneath all of the straight straggly ends. So over the months as it grew I would trim off the straight ends. Now finally it is back to its beautiful curly state!! Albeit it is short for a 4 yr old but it is adorable and HEALTHY!!
What is the best hair advice you've ever received? 
Do not use heat products on childrens sensitive hair.
What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?
To use certain leave in conditioners, that contain alcohol!
If you could give us one tip or trick - what would it be?
I wash her hair every other day, then lightly condition ends. Always air dry naturally and embrace the curls!! Also do not put little rubberbands in that do not say "safe for hair" and never put in rubberbands when child's hair is wet. You are asking for breakage in those areas of hair. Wait until their hair is dry

This was so generous of you to share, and especially the story about the rubberbands - it's good to remember! Thank you!!  You daughter is just gorgeous!! Keep us posted on her modeling gigs!!


  1. She is so cute! The perfect little model.

  2. Beautiful!!! What products do you use to keep her curls tamed?

  3. She is a doll. I have very long curls and my daughter is 16 months, she has curls in the back of her head. I think her hair will probably look like this young lady's. I have figured out ways to manage my hair but now I am trying to figure out some hair style ideas that do not involve heat or chemicals.


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