Toddler Dance Hairstyle

What do you think?!

I just LOVE this hairstyle for dance! I think it's a great toddler hairstyle for the days you need her hair OUT of her way (think painting?! anything messy really). and you can leave it in for more than one day!  It's also a good protective hairstyle because it keeps all the hair contained and ... well... protected! You could braid farther to the ends for more protection, too.

This hairstyle worked great for us as a unique dance hairstyle, it would also be a great gymnastics hairstyle I would think!

The best part? It's EASY!!!  (given you know how to do some kind of braid)

First I braided two dutch braids (or cornrows) from the front of her head to the back.

Then I crossed them over each other!  That's it!!

I guess I added some bows for flair ;-)

Don't forget a bobby pin or two if the bows won't be enough to hold the braids up by themselves!


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