Toddler Hairstyle that Lasts

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I wanted a quick hairstyle for my toddler that could last a few days!! Here's the quick toddler hairstyle that will hopefully last awhile.....

Toddler Hairstyle that lasts

I used a lavish amount of Beija-Flor Naturals Cali Pomade for hold as I braided. I also used the Creme Brulee for moisture, especially on her curliest hair.

Toddler Hairstyle that lasts!

Ooops! the part didn't get quite straight! Oh well, what can you expect with a toddler hairstyle?

Toddler Hairstyle that lasts

and there you have it! Four big cornrows, or inside out french braids, or dutch braids, whatever you feel like calling them - into two braided ponytails! It was a relatively quick and easy toddler hairstyle that should last for a few days before becoming too frizzy and fuzzy for my taste and sanity!  

If you want a variation on this theme please check out our previous post called Big Cornrows. and while you're there check out how short Q's hair is!!!

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