Halloween Costume Ideas

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This was such a fun post to put together for another edition of the Hair Blogger Carnival! See below for more blogs to check out! We decided to compile posts of all our previous Halloween Costume Ideas that we have used on our curly haired kids! (Though really, the hair was not the focus as you can tell...)

Here was Q's costume idea for her first Halloween ever! She was just three months old

Halloween Costume Ideas

The next year I boycotted trick or treating... I know! I'm a terrible mom! It's okay though, Q was too young to care. and no one in our house really needed all that candy anyway. 

I bought some Halloween Costumes after Oct 31st, on SALE!! So she enjoyed dressing up anyway. and didn't even have to cover the costumes with a heavy winter coat!

Halloween Costume Ideas

(notice the hair? This was right before I started this blog! I was trying to be creative...the ribbon wasn't cooperating.)

Halloween Costume Ideas

Last year we spent Halloween at my husband's brother's house, with his wife and daughter... so we all dressed up as the Flintstones! Q was BamBam

Halloween Costume Ideas

The costume is mostly covered by her coat and book, sorry! It's the best one I could find! Loved the wig, tho.  (I made this costume! Couldn't find the best skirt material, so I used some halloween print. That way it did double duty as costume and themed skirt in the days leading up to Oct 31st.)

Happy Halloween!! Be sure to check back to find out what Q decides to dress up as for Halloween this year!!

Let us know if you have any great Halloween Costume Ideas in the comments!! I love hearing from you!

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BraidwithMe said...

I love the costumes! She has some really beautiful eyes!!!

Keyative Styles said...

Love the costumes, and how freakin cute is her face in that first pic!!

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