Hairstyle for Toddlers with Curly Hair

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This is a cute little easy hairstyle that really shows off your toddler's curly hair. We've done it lots, or variations on the theme! It's quite quick and easy once you get the braiding down, and like I said, it really lets Q's curls shine!

Hairstyle for Toddlers with Curly Hair

Whether I attempt straight parts varies from time to time! But basically I just braid a dutch braid on the top of Q's head, using just the hair on the top, not the sides. I like to leave as many of those curly locks down and out in a hairstyle for toddlers with curly hair! If you have it - ROCK it!

Hairstyle for Toddlers with Curly Hair

and that's all! No tricks, no special effects, just a simple and sleek easy hairstyle for a toddler! Of course you can always dress it up with a bow or flower of your choosing!

Hairstyle for Toddlers with Curly Hair

As always, please feel free to share your own stories and pictures, I love featuring YOU on this blog too!

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