Mothering Fail

Sometimes I feel like my parenting is just a continuous stream of fixing my own mistakes.

I hate to admit this, but this time my mistake is incredibly stupid! and you'll probably shake your head and say, "I could have seen that one coming!"

Let me start by saying that when the movie Tangled came out I was hesitant to let Q watch it. Purely because the hair was such a big deal and so straight. But after seeing the movie, and Rapunzel's sort of lack of interest in her hair, I didn't think much about it. Yes, it's magic hair, but she doesn't idolize it or anything. and she's not sad when they cut it off. So I thought it wasn't that big of a deal.

Then we bought it for Q's sister for her birthday.
Then Q watched it (like all kids do) on repeat over and over and over again. I don't let her watch a lot of movies, but when she watched one - She often picked Tangled.

Fast forward.

Q has mentioned a couple times that her hair is FLAT! and occasionally she will even pull on a strand to straighten out the curl. I wanted to cry! But I still didn't put two and two together

She has also mentioned that she likes long hair. and that brushing it makes it grow. I guess because at the beginning of the movie they brush Rapunzel's hair a lot?

Anyway. Last night she helped me put a straw set in her doll's hair. She was a bit resistant to the idea, but we talked it through and I thought it was fine.

Then this morning when I took the straws out and showed Q the dolls new curly hair she said she didn't like it! and that she wanted me to take the curls out RIGHT NOW.

I really did want to cry then.

All this effort I've put into making sure she likes her hair! and what did I let happen? I let her idolize a fictional character with SUPER straight hair. Not to mention the fact that Q;s sister and I both have straight hair, and my mom. Her dad has waves (that he's still learning to like and take care of) and his mom has curls - but they're really short.

We started watching Shirley Temple on youtube last night. and so this morning I mentioned how the dolls hair now looks like Shirley Temple! Which didn't help right away, but in a few minutes Q requested to watch Shirley Temple again.

So hopefully I can work my way out of this mess I've made.

p.s. I hide Tangled. We don't need to watch that again for awhile.


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