Winter, Hats and Little Girl's Hair?!

How to style a little girl's hair in winter? When she needs to wear a hat outside?!

Here's one way!

and, it's quick and easy! (if you know how to french braid or dutch braid/cornrow)  Just two simple french braids down the sides of her head - the lower the hair band at the bottom, the more out of the way of the hat it will be!  (Q's hair is a bit too short to go much lower with a braid yet)

I did tuck the tails up on the ends - you could leave them down - whatever you like!  I also added two simple flat clips - it adds a pit of pizazz without bothering the beanie! (or toque if you're Canadian!)

I did this style by gently separating dry hair - I did NOT brush her hair when it was dry! In fact, I only detangled slightly in order to pick up sections of hair. I did not detangle all of her hair at all! I wanted her head to stay dry because I knew we would be leaving the house before it would have a chance to dry if I got it wet. And a wet head = a COLD head in our part of the world!

Depending on your braiding speed, this is a pretty fast (and neat looking - not sloppy) hairdo for mornings when you're running low on time!


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