Ribbon Tiara Hairstyle for Girly-Girls!

This is the "second day 'do" or "recycled hairstyle" of the post BIRTHDAY HAIR!  I thought the tiara look across her hair was so cute! and it was staying in so well, I just couldn't take it out after only one day! So here's what we did with it on day 2 ....

Take out all the elastics, but leave the ribbon-braid tiara in.
(I actually took out all the ribbons and elastics before she went to bed the previous night)

Then part the hair in half (just the top section - the back is staying down in loose curls again) and pull one side up into a little ponytail - the ponytail is going to be centered over the base of the braid.

Make matching ponytails on each side! (I just held the tail of the ribbon with the other hair, so it's in the ponytail as well)

Add some accessories and you're good to go!

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  1. Thanks!! :D I thought so too! and quite different from the first one, even though they are much the same. I liked that.


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