Inspired by NORWAY! (first style)

(Can you see the people in there??! That's my dad and sister! lol)

It's been awhile since we've posted any new hairdos! Yikes! Well since Q and I just got back from Norway, I wanted to share a couple very simple styles that I noticed there. I've been using them in MY hair!

First, I will say that I did not see anyone sporting my haircut - Ha! I'm not so sure I like the implications of that! But anyway... lol  We saw a lot of very pretty long straight hair (some dyed light blonde, some natural blonde - not many curls at all, and I don't remember seeing any of the "skunk dyes" that are so popular around here right now. aka - black underneath and bleach blonde on top)  I've heard that brown hair and blue eyes is "classic Norwegian" but most of the women we saw were blonde! :)  (not all natural!)  also keep in mind that this is just the "findings" from one small trip! By no means is this a generalization of the Whole Country! LOL!

Short hair cuts were also pretty popular. But we didn't see much "in between" long and short. Not a lot of middle lengths. :)

NOW - on to the style... :)  These two styles are great for keeping your bangs out of your eyes, or for growing out bangs, or just for when you want your hair mostly down, but not in your way!

Just twist the "bangs" section and pull the twisted "rope" straight back. Pin with bobby pins! No need to try to hide them or anything :)

The cashier at the local grocery store who I copied this from (Thanks!) had longer hair in front, so the "rope" cam back farther before she pinned it. It looked very pretty!

(Second "Norwegian Style" coming soon!)


  1. What I wouldn't have given to know about that a few years ago!

  2. Cute style! So jealous you've gone to Norway. I'm sure it was beautiful I've always wanted to go there being I'm 60% Norwegian. Most Norwegians I know all have blonde hair blue eyes. Didn't realize brown hair was more common.

  3. Great tip for growing out bangs. I did this today! Thanks

  4. Glad you liked it! My second "Norway style" is coming soon :)

    Yeah, I always thought it was blonde and blue, too, but when we were there I heard that brown and blue was quite common, too. Who knows?! I hope you make it over there some day - it really is beautiful and the people were soooo nice! :D


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