Baby's First Christmas

Flashback #4

This one really doesn't have anything to do with hair - and you don't normally crawl around on the floor while wearing a baby! - but I though the picture was cute :)  You can't beat a genuine baby smile!

We're using a made-by-me Mei Tai Carrier and Q's sporting supersoft Babylegs!

And this is probably Q's first bow in her hair! LOL  (at about 5 months old)

Gotta love Christmas! :)  and double chins :D

(As you can see, the curls popping up out of nowhere and the sudden need for hairstyles was unexpected! I certainly did not plan on starting a blog about it, that's for sure! I can't imagine life without it, now. I'm so addicted to learning about hair, curly and straight, products to use and avoid and creating cute new styles for Q to try out! Life can sure take us down paths we never expected.)


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