Other Uses for Hair Elastics :D

LOL! I don't often let Q play with the hair stuff anymore, because now that we have more it's so time-consuming to put it away! But the other day we were out of town and busy and needing to look cute :) so we had just finished her hair - I went to help my hubby with his tie and when I turned around again, this is what I saw!.....

 (They were pretty tight, so they came off right away.)

I stretched them out for her and she continued to play with them for almost an hour! lol


  1. :D Thanks!! and Thanks for stopping by our blog! I check yours often, I love it! (I'm especially in love with all the pics of A in your header - she's such a cutie! and you've got awesome photos and hair doin' skills! :D ... but that goes without saying...)

    For anyone else reading this - make sure to head over and check out Nikki's blog!

  2. Just saw your blog post on DS this morning. My daughter has fine, blond, super curly hair and we are always fighting to keep it out of her eyes. I look forward to following your blog!


  3. Hi! oh my goodness, your kids have Gorgeous hair!! I was just over at your blog ... adorable!

  4. This is what happens pretty much EVERY time I make an attempt at hairstyling. I learned the hard way that if I let her hold something while I'm brushing her hair, 9 times out of 10 I will not get said item back without a hard-fought battle.

  5. LOL! Yep! so true... :)

    btw - I love your lil Picasso! :D


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