A New Approach to Hair

I've stalled posting this for the last two days trying to get a picture! Ahh! But, no avail. I haven't been able to catch Q still enough to snap one - or, of course, I don't have the camera at the right moment, or, like now, she's fast asleep :)

But I wanted to share the essence of what we've been doing the last few days. :) We've been on the run a lot lately, and on top of that Q's losing a little interest in sitting still for getting her hair done :) (not too surprising! Maybe I need to invest in some new movies! lol)  But in the meantime, I've been retraining my brain on what "doing her hair" means. In the past I have really only gone for the detangled, smooth, neat curls. 
(That's not to say her hair was always perfect, far from it! But when I did it, it would start out neat. At least until we got in the car. The carseat is my nemesis!) 

Then, after a 12 hour train ride (yikes!) and other factors, I've been learning to embrace the frizz! :D

And more recently, in the last few days, I've been finding that I'm okay with just a nice detangle, and a quick clip or two. (Q still doesn't leave these in very well, so it's kinda of a trade off - she can either let me put ponytails in in the morning, or have me re-clip the clips all day long! lol)  Today was really the one I wanted a picture of. I had twisted two small twists at her forehead, added some hair on the way back, and then banded them together with a tiny elastic. I added a clip, too :) But as the day went on the whole thing has kinda fallen to the side. It's very loose and ... I love it! It's not neat, but more the "messy" style maybe? What I find so cool is that it keeps changing (as, I suppose, it slowly falls out.) and morphing into something new.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I'm learning to enjoy all the different aspects of different hairstyles, the neat ones, the frizzy ones, and the ones that slowly change as the day goes on. And the ones that look nothing like I intended them to when I started out! There is cuteness in many different looks :) even on the same head! Enjoy it all!!


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