Diagonal Bangs Twist

Q and I were playing with Aubrey Organics Conditioner today :) I'll have to let you know how we like it later - once it's been put through the final tests :) (aka ... the carseat and naptime!)

Aubrey Organics - Swimmers Conditioner, 11 fl oz liquid 
(final thoughts forthcoming in a future post! Check back!)

So this hairstyle is just a quick way to keep her bangs out of her eyes...

After detangling and adding the conditioner, I combed her "bangs" and a bit farther back, too, off to the left side of her head. Then taking a diagonal piece of hair, I parted it in half. and started twisting. I wasn't being too careful or particular in my method - I just twisted each strand to the right and then both strands around each other to the left. (That what keep the definition of the twist.) 

What I wasn't particular about was when and how I added hair. I just picked up some from each side, added it to a strand and kept twisting as before!

Then I folded the "tail" of the twist back up and added a clip


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