Christmas Braids and Ribbons - Braid Out!!

This is the BEST Braid Out Ever for our hair type!!!! Sideways braids or cornrows = Genius! Why didn't I think of it before?!!

My main complaint with Braid Outs on Q's hair is that it is hard to get the parts to disappear. Wherever there was a braid or part - you can tell. And sometimes they look Super goofy. But with this Braid Out, there were NO parts showing! (Because as you can see in the Original Christmas Braids and Ribbons Hairstyle for Kids all the braids are done sideways.)

Ready for some pictures?!? ...............

See?!?! Isn't that great! Hardly any parts visible!

I loved it so much I didn't want to "do" too much with it.

So I just pulled up the sides and clipped them with small bobby pins in an X shape - they hold better that way.

then I added some wrapping ribbon! I curled it this time - with a scissor (ya know what I mean, right? By dragging one side of a scissor along the ribbon it makes it curl.)  I attached it to her hair with another bobby pin.

 Front view :-D  She's scowling at her movie.... not sure what about tho! I guess I should pay more attention!

Movie must have improved....

Then I decided we weren't quite done - so I added a diamond spin pin right where the ribbon attached.

(We also used these decorative accessories in a Braided Headband Hairstyle)


And that's all we did to get this cute little Braid Out! No frustrating part-hiding required, either! YAY!


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