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Accessories are something I'm just starting to dabble in, to be quite honest! I've always been more of a fan of the styles that seem to be braided or twisted, etc, "all by themselves!" With no visual clips or pins, etc.
However.... that's starting to change! I still like the ""mysteriously secured" hairdo's (for lack of a better term) - but who can resist an adorable bow or headband or... you get the idea! I really am enjoying spicing up some of our old "standby" hairdo's with a funky accessory these days.

I really understood the usefulness of different varieties of accessories this last weekend. We had three different events in two days - all which were dress up affairs and required different outfits. Now, lately Q hasn't been too crazy about me messing with her hair or I probably would have done 3 totally different styles (great excuse, right?!) but I knew that wouldn't make for a fun trip...! So instead, I managed to get one diagonal french braid in on the top of her head... 

(the story behind this picture and event found in this post!)
 For the first event I used these little cream colored bows - one on each side of the braid.

For the next one (the next morning) the braid had stayed in!!! So I just added one pink bow on top of the end of the braid. (I took out the cream bows the night before.)

(Sorry, no other pictures :( I wasn't thinking! Too distracted with the main event, I guess. Busy, busy!!)

and the third event Q wore a purple bow with a cream bead on it, which was attached to a bobby pin. I slid the bobby pin under the braid and the bow sat right next to the braid near the end. 

:) Cute, fast, easy and Different, too!

Has anyone else had to make one style work for different occasions/days?? 
How did you do it?


  1. That's ALL that I do because the only hairstyle I can get her to sit for is some adorably messy pigtails! But, sometimes I leave them au naturel, sometimes I put some ribbons in to match her outfit.

  2. The cream colored bows look adorable.


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