Toddler Hairstyle for Dance Class!

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It was Q's first day of Dance Class for the year! I was so excited and giddy you'd have thought it was ME taking classes!

Anyway, I wanted to show off how cute she looked and what we did with her toddler curly hair on the first day of dance class. Toddler hairstyles can be hard to come up with regularly, add into the mix that you want her to look extra special and toddler hair styles can be a REAL challenge!

So I took it easy.

Ok, Ok. You can think I'm crazy....but it WAS easy!

You see  -  the hard part of this easy toddler hairstyle was already completed prior to dance day!  This is what we started with an hour or so before class:

Not too promising, huh?  She had some old braids left in the top of her hair, and I had braided the rest into two pigtail braids just to keep it from tangling.

To achieve her dance hairstyle, I just undid the two bigger braids, detangled them quickly (not much was needed since it had been braided!), then spritzed with a water and almond oil homemade spray to rejuvenate the curls and seal in some moisture.....THEN.....

I just put it all in a messy bun!  with a flower, of course.

another view - just because!

and one last shot of Q's toddler hairstyle for dance class!


oops, just kidding, I guess that was just a shot of her goofy self!     ahhhh, that's my girl!

What kind of sports or activities do YOUR kids do?! I'd love to hear about them!

For more hairstyles for toddlers and young girls - check out this hairstyle for little girls with layered hair, or this fun quick hairstyle for a day at the park!  and as always, come share your thoughts and photos on our facebook fanpage!


  1. Shes so cute! Her curls are so pretty. I don't have my lil one enrolled in anything yet but I want her to be in soccer and gymnastics!


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