Simple Braid Out Varieties

Blogger is working again! (for now anyway!) and I can post again! I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, here's just a quick little braid out post for those times when you can plan ahead, but don't want much prep the next day.

I braided Q's hair into two low ponytails while her hair was damp the night before - then in the morning I unbraided them and added a pull - through ponytail with a flower clip! (I secured the flower clip with an elastic as shown in this video)

For Miss E, I braided some little star pattern cornrows in the evening on damp hair, and then put the rest of her hair in a french braid to sleep in.

Then in the morning I took out the french braid and added some cute clips that matched her outfit of the day.

Isn't it cool how braid out waves can work on any kind of hair?  Straight, curly, and anything in between!


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