Hairstyle for Skiing?

We did Box Braids and Cornrows for our hairstyle for skiing this year! I love, love, love skiing and snowboarding! We had Q out last year as well, when she was only 1.5 years old! She didn't go down the mountain at all, but she was out there, we even put skis on her feet!

(this pic was from this year, tho)

Anyway, the reason I started babbling about skiing is that I knew this year we would need a hairstyle for skiing that would be low maintenance, easy, fast, and preferably cute! This particular trip we would be having a couple "fancy" dinners and seeing people I wanted to make a good impression on (work trip) - so I wanted my lil offspring to look the part, too!

I like the ease and protection that Box Braids offer, and I like that a couple cornrows (or french braids) in the front keep her hair back and out of her eyes. So here's what we did!

First I parted a few starting lines and clipped hair out of the way with little claw clips.

Then I started braiding!

and braiding:

then kept braiding this hairstyle for skiing!! I've switched to Box Braids now.

more braids!

I'm apparently into the pictures today!

and that's it! That's our toddler hairstyle for skiing! I found it worked quite well. I left it in for a few days, it stayed nice over naps and hat-time, and then on the second to last day I took them out for our second fancy dinner - rinsed her hair and we went with loose curls! Then for the plane ride home I did two pigtail braids.

  Do any of you like skiing or snowboarding??


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