Fun, Random, Silly Pictures

I have a bunch of pictures I thought it would be fun to share with you :)  But sometimes I take them ... and then can't remember what the story was behind it! So today's post will also have some random story-less pictures to go with it!

I finally convinced Q to wear her awesome crocheted hat that she got for Christmas! (She thinks because it's a hat that it should come off indoors... logical, I suppose, but I'm trying to convince her this one's for Fashion! and not warmth.)

This was just a fun afternoon of girly pampering! She suffers through me clipping her nails if I balance things out by giving her some "dots" in kiddy nail polish afterwards.

Here's another version of the Get Up and Go ~ Simple Clip Style. I think this was actually taken around Christmas. I just LOVED the curls!

Here's a quick snapshot of our current hair washing system:

and one last picture to send you off with...just cuz I was really proud of it...

ENJOY!!!! and Congrats!!! and I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the day!



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