Sidewinder Hair Holders are fun!

I mentioned in my last post about Sidewinder Hair Holders that they can be used in place of beads on the end of braids - and also that I put them up at night so that Q didn't have to sleep on them...

Well here's a picture of that! In case anyone was curious. I actually ended up leaving them like this the next day because I thought it was cute! I should have used a cuter hair elastic, though. Oh well, next time!

and then I wanted to share this little video of Q swinging her Sidewinder Hair Holders! (Just like she swings her braids when they have beads!)

I had just asked her to swing them again like she had been doing a few seconds previously - when I, of course, didn't have the camera out! She looks like she thinks I'm a bit nuts to have her re-create something she was just doing spontaneously 5 seconds ago! 

Don't they look fun!?!


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