Quick, Easy, and Last all Day... Step Ponies

To the tune of Olivia's questions about ideas for hairstyles that are quick, easy and last all day, I've come up with another one! Well, actually there are a million variations, but I wanted to point out that Step-Ponies can be very useful in situations like this!

So here's another very simple style, this one could be done on younger ones, too! It doesn't take much baby hair to get this style to work... :) ...

Especially when Q was younger, but even now, she liked to pull out hair clips. But, perhaps miraculously, she would leave little ponytail holders like these, in her hair! So we use braces rubber bands a LOT!

(I like using orthodontic elastics because they are smaller, stretchier, and softer than the smallest hair elastics I've ever found. You can soak any elastic band in coconut oil to soften it before putting it in the hair, too! Less hair damage that way...)

For this style I started with the orange elastic, but angled the part a bit so that I could make the line of step ponies curve off center a bit.

Next I took up some more hair and added that to the "tail" of the first pony with the pink elastic.

Then I did the same thing again with another bunch of hair and the "tail" of the previous one - that one is the third one, my last, I used a green elastic but then covered it up with a claw clip. (You can dress it up however you would like! Or just leave it au naturale.)

Step Ponies are fun and fast and so versatile! I'd love to see how you've done them yourself! Feel free to post pictures at our Facebook fanpage - or email me at curlyhairdoideas@yahoo dot com

Also - if you haven't seen it yet be sure to check out our BLOG BUTTON! (top right hand sidebar) Copy and Paste the code and plaster that cute little curly girl wherever you'd like! :D

Thank You!!


  1. Hey girl, I sent a shout-out to you today! ;) And I noticed you were featured on another of my favorite blogs! Lol, lots of attention for you today. ;)

  2. Oh, geez, I forgot to post the link...


    Thanks! ;)

  3. Awww! Thank you! Your niece has beautiful curls :) very cute style, too! Thanks for the mention!


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