Box Braids with Cornrows - Toddler Hair for a Horse Show!

You may have noticed a few weeks ago on our Facebook page - a little mention that Q was in her first English riding Horse Show! She did lead-line Dressage and lead-line "jumping", aka walking over poles on the ground. :) She LOVED it! She came home with more prizes than mommy! lol!

So, you may have been wondering what we did with her hair while we camped out in the horse trailer for 3 days? Including 2 FULL days of driving and carseat time??

Curly Hairdo Ideas

Box Braids and Cornrows! You better believe it! 
There's just about nothing better at this stage in our lives if we want to have the most minimal (and protective) haircare for a few days ... Box Braids!!

Read our post on Why Box Braids are so Fabulous and you'll see what I mean! :)

Curly Hairdo Ideas Box Braids

I took along a small spray bottle of Lavendar Mist and tried to remember to spray her hair and scalp each day.

This was also the most beads we've ever used at a time! How fun!! Q loved clinking them together!

Curly Hairdo Ideas Box braids and Cornrows

However, before we got in the car to drive back home (another 10-12 hours) I took all the beads out. I figured she'd be more comfortable sleeping in her carseat if she didn't have those bumpy beads.

On the way there and at nighttime, I clipped the top, shorter braids, up on top of her head to keep the beads out from directly under where her head was laying.

Remember: Never braid too tightly or leave the braids in too long! If you see any hairline stress, remove the braids immediately!

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