Original Sprout - Leaving the "Leave In" in!!

Just a quick note to say that today we used our Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner as a detangler/leave in conditioner.... and.....

It worked really well! I was careful not to use very much and I had Q's hair pretty wet to start with, but I probably could have even used more without it weighing down her hair at all. Her curls were easier to detangle than normal, and even after her nap, they still looked good! :D

We had somewhere to be right after nap, so I brought the water bottle and wooden comb along to fix her hair once we got there... and it didn't need it! She had napped and ridden in the carseat - and her curls still looked nice and unmatted! WOW!

Nicely done, Original Sprout! :D

For my other reviews of Original Sprout, read HERE and HERE. and for more info on wooden combs, visit THIS post!


  1. Another one we love! Diva loves this conditioner because it has lots of slip for when she's comping out her curls in the shower.


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