Norway Inspired Hairstyle #2!

The final hairstyle inspired by our trip to Norway! This one is also great for growing out bangs, or just keeping your hair out of your face on those hot summer days. :)

(Yes, this is me!)
To get this look, part your bangs on the side (I parted mine above my left eye) and start French Braiding across your forehead. Stop adding new hair when your braid is even with your right (in my case) eye and continue the braid farther back. Then pin with bobby pins! Make sure to cross the pins over each other in an X shape to keep them locked together. They'll stay in better that way!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed these two hairstyles (click HERE for the other one!) I got addicted to while I was in Norway. I know I have! Here's one more gorgeous picture to remind you of the inspiration :)

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  1. That's funny, just today I did a similar hairdo on myself! I didn't use bobby pins, though, I added the front braid to one big braid with the rest of my hair. By the way, when did you get a haircut? I must have missed that post.
    One more thing, if you don't mind. I think you should apply for the "Diva Spotlight" on Beads, Braids and Beyond. After all, your little girl has curly hair, and you take good care of it.
    I love those Norwegian hairdos, your baby is adorable, that photo of the cliffs was awesome, and thank you for blogging! Bye!

  2. Oh neat! That sounds pretty. Yeah, these kinds of "bangs" styles are not unique to Norway, just today I saw someone at work with the exact style I posted the other day - my first "Inspired by Norway" post! LOL

    I got a haircut a few months ago now - I actually didn't post about it! So you didn't miss anything. I don't have any good before/after pics.

    Oh, Diva Spotlight would be fun! I have submitted pics to her Hair Share before, and want to again - it was fun seeing little Q on a different blog! :) But I hadn't really thought about Diva Spotlight. hmmmm. Thanks for the idea!

    You are so great! Thank you for this post, it made my night! :D Oh, yes, that cliff WAS awesome! At the edge we were on, we crawled on our bellies and looked over - a sheer straight drop! Crazy! and on the cliff across the way in the picture - we got to see people go base jumping! Q was disappointed when they were done and said she wanted to see the "birdies" again! LOL

  3. Base jumping? Whoa. Now that's a sport that would be fun to WATCH. If only there was a way to do stuff like that without all the risk.

  4. I know!! I have gone sky diving before - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat - but base jumping?! That is Way scarier to me!!


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