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I LOVE getting your comments and emails and questions!!  and I usually try to answer "comment questions" in the comments section as soon as I find you've asked! However, in this case, I didn't get the chance to reply right away - because I needed to do my "homework" first! lol  So now that I've done that - here are my answers! Thanks for asking!!    (my answers are below the questions in bold!)
Maranda said...
Is it (Original Sprout shampoo) really "easy rinse"? Now that my older two boys shower and wash their own hair alone, it's always full of shampoo residue. They're too old for me to do it, and too young to do a great job. My eldest is growing out his hair, so it's more of a problem for him. Plus his hair is getting long enough he could use a conditioner. I should take a look and see if i can find this in Canada.   

  Curly Hairdo Ideas' answer:  I tried it again with your question in mind - and YES! In my personal opinion (no kids to have try it from their perspective) I found it to rinse out quite well. Q isn't a huge fan of getting her hair rinsed (though putting shampoo and conditioner in is fine! lol) and I had most of it out in 2 good rinses. I poured a third rather large cup of water over her hair just for good measure.    If you missed them before you can find our thoughts on Original Sprout hair products in the Miracle Detangler Review, Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner Review, and most recently our Leave In Conditioner Review!

aemi said...
Her hair is really getting long! She's really growing up, isn't she. How long is her hair when you stretch it?  

  Curly Hairdo Ideas answer:  I know, isn't it!? It amazes me how much it's grown in just the last 6 months even. Right now it's 7 inches in front by her forehead and 4.5 inches long in back (where the tightest curls are). Here's a picture just for fun! (Her head was tipped back watching a movie at the time....sorry!)  


  1. Thank you for answering my question with a photo! I feel very honored.

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for asking, it made me stop and find the answer :)


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