Braid Out Pigtails

After having braided Q's hair in Box Braids (pictures coming!), this is what we did! 
When the braids came out her hair was kinda kinky - so without combing it (gently finger separated tho) I put it in pigtails!

Notice how because the part in front is way over on the side - that in back it needs to swerve over to the other side to balance out the amount of hair in the pigtails. Otherwise you'll end up with one big ponytail and one tiny one!

Kinda of like Frizzy Pigtails, but without the frizz :) Nice and moisturized instead!

Cute! Don't you think?!
(except for the zoned TV eyes. lol)


  1. She is very cute . the header photo no 4 . the hair style not nice . the rest style is nice and cute :)

    ---i will follow you ---

  2. Welcome! Glad you like some of the styles :)

    The header photos are in celebration of all the variations of Q's curly hair. :) Her hair might not be "done" in that picture - but her personality still shines trough. I think it's good to remember that no matter how neatly we're put together, we're still unique and lovable just the way we are! :)


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