Three Days of Three Braids - Day Three

The Final Installment :)

This hairdo was kinda wacky - but I liked it!
I took out the elastic holding the first braid, and then twisted the braid (and the loose hair under it) back toward the back of Q's head, including the other two braids as I went. I made a twist on the other side of her head as well and pinned both twists, creating a sort of cascade of curls in the back! :)

The pictures aren't as great as I would have liked - but in this one you can see the twist behind the braid - It kind of swoops around ...

And there's the other side. Yummy apple! Thanks Daddy! :)

I hope you enjoyed the Three Days of Three Braids! :)
Hair styles can be very versatile! No need to start completely over each day - unless you want to!

... to see what we did the next day, go to THIS post.


  1. I love it! makes me excited to know one day i can do that:-) I need to send you a picture of what my friend did to C's hair. Seriously she put like 12 sprouts in and C tolerated it! It was so cute, I showed someone a picture and she said she looked like a white, black baby with all the sprouts! I had to think of you when she did it! BTW I loved your post! I will be sharing the link when I update my site sometime shortly!

  2. I can't wait to see it! Sounds adorable! :D

    I'm glad you liked your Featured Follower post, too :)


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