Easy Pull Through Headband on Short Curly Hair!

This is how Q wore her hair to Grandpa's funeral. 

I wanted something simple (had to wake up early) yet special. I wanted something that let her curls hang out and free, yet I wanted it pulled back and out of her face. I had put a little too much shea butter in her hair the day before and thought the crown might look a bit greasy - but there was no time for a bath, so I wanted something that would sort of mask that. 

(As it turned out her hair loved the extra Shea Butter and soaked it up so much by morning you couldn't even tell that there might have been too much the day before! ha!)

Anyway, this is what we ended up with.

Basically, it's just a pull through on each side of her head, by the ears, and two on top. 
I did the top front one first, then the sides, then pulled them all back to the second top pull through.

I don't have step by step pictures, but this is a simpler variation of THIS style from Princess Hairstyles, and she has great step by step photos if you want to see. The only difference between the two styles is that I didn't split the side "tails" I pulled all the hair back into the second top pull through.

(I'm sure that won't make any sense unless you see her pics! Sorry!)
Top view

I also added a ribbon. I thought the black would be cute, but appropriate (plus it matched her dress). I added the ribbon after the style was completed by threading each end of the ribbon under the ponytail (one on each side of the "tail") and then tucking it back down under itself. 

(Wow - what a terrible explanation! Hopefully you can see a bit in the picture what I did. It stayed fairly well and looked very "natural" which I liked. It wasn't a big added clip on top of the style, it just seemed to fit with the style. If that made any sense! lol)

Side View
(and showing off her Baltic Amber necklace :) )

That's it. I hope you like it! 
Oh, and if this one and the princesshairstyles.com ones aren't enough, I've also posted two other similar styles on the blog previously :) HERE and HERE. Enjoy!

We LOVE you, Grandpa! and will miss you forever. 
We miss your music, your laughter, your wisdom, your guidance, your never ending acceptance and Love. Thank you for everything. You were a blessing in more ways than I can count. We only wish we'd gotten the chance to love you longer.


  1. Thanks! I think it would be fun to wrap the ribbon in more, too, maybe make it follow along all the pull-through's? I'll have to play with it some more :)

  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

    This hairtyle is really cute. It's still one of our favs! Love it with the curls. :)

  3. Thanks! You are a fabulous inspiration! I really like this style, too. When Q's hair was even shorter I did another variation on it as well, which turned out really cute :)


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