"Big Cornrows"

I'm still not sure if I'm doing cornrows "right" or not - but here they are again! :D I think this style is just adorable! I saw it yesterday done by Joyful Mom over at Happy Girl Hair (you have to check out this blog!!) and her Little R is sporting this style right now - it's sooooo cute!! So here's our version! Thanks, Joyful Mom!

(I don't know how we'd do this without good ole Winnie the Pooh!)

And here's how I did it. :)
First, of course, I detangled Q's hair by spraying it so it was nice and wet, then combed it out with a wide tooth comb, starting at the bottom and working my way toward her head.

(oh and, I guess VERY first I had learned to do cornrows from this site. You can see my first proud attempts here!)

Then I parted her hair down the middle and clipped one side out of the way for now.

Then I divided the half into 3 new sections.

(The front section is left hanging and the other two have been clipped up temporarily.)

Then I started braiding! I braided each of the three sections into it's own braid... 
and then tied them all off together and added a clip.

(My braids got better as I went!)
Then I did the same to the other side of her head :)

When we got to here...

... I thought for sure we were going to have to quit and come back to it later - she was getting pretty squirmy on that middle one!
But, low and behold, I decided to attempt it (figured I wouldn't get another chance in one day at her sitting still!) and we managed just fine! She actually sat better than for the middle one on this side. Go figure :) lol

I wish I had some cute flowers or korker bows on elastics right about now! But I don't (I should really rectify that) so we just went with these butterfly clips, even tho they kept wanting to fall out. 
-They may have had some help -

And then I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her! lol! 


In this picture you can see that we had actually done some tiny braids in her bangs before we started this style, so we left them in.

The tiny braids were actually from a new style I was trying earlier - and it TOTALLY flopped! Ha! This style turned out MUCH better :) Thanks again, Joyful Mom!! 

p.s. In hindsight, and to possibly help someone else if you are going to do this one - or any style like it! Don't have your little one sit in a chair with a back! lol - I kept bumping the back of the hair with my hands and elbows, it was definitely in the way! I haven't really run into this problem prior to this style because most of our styles have been using only the hair on the top of her head, or the "bangs" and headband areas. But since this one goes all the way down to the nape of her neck - I needed more room!! Good to know for next time :)


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